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Fall 2020 Clinics

Fall 2020 Clinics Schedule

For age groups older than 5, the following clinic structure has been planned.

Clinic Registration (Required)

  • Registration for the August and September/October clinics.

  • $60 registration fee per player

  • Registration is limited to 40 players per age group, a waitlist will be started after 40 registrations.

    • The registration limit is required due to COVID-19 precautions

    • There will not be more than 40 players per field, per time slot for safety reasons.

    • Waitlisted players can be added when it is determined that other age groups have less than 40 players.

  • Registration will open on or after July 8th.
  • Registration will close on or before August 25th.

Clinic Structure

  • All Covid-19 precautions/will be in effect each clinic session and no more than 40 players per field each session for safety reasons.  There will be 2 fields.

  • Final schedule will be emailed at a later date based on number of registrants per age group.

  • August - One week clinic following a similar format as last year at Alpha Ridge.

  • September/October – 6 week clinic schedule formatted as training sessions.  Similar to Game days, these would be on Saturdays.

**The proposed Saturdays will be Sept 12th, Sept 26th, Oct 3rd, Oct 10th, Oct 17th and Oct 24th.

**If the 14-18 age group is interested they will be scheduled for evenings 6pm – 7pm, Tue, Wed or Thu.

Volunteers Are Needed for Sept. and Oct. Sessions

  • It is crucial we have volunteers!
  • 6-7 and 8-9, a minimum of 2 coaches/parents per 10 players is needed.

  • 10-11 and 12-13, a minimum of 1 coach/parent per 10 players is needed.

  • Coaches/Parents will be assigned a group of 10 or less players depending on the number of registered players.

  • Coaches/parents will stay with their assigned group for all sessions and will coach them through drills as done in practices with a focus on skill development.  

  • The league is able to help coaches/parents with appropriate drills and methods for keeping coaches and players spread out and in adherence to COVID-19 Return to Play guidelines.

  • Volunteers will need to commit to all Sept. and Oct. sessions (or have a backup if unable to make a session(s)).  Maintaining an appropriate adult to player ratio for each session is required.

  • League coordinators will be at all Saturday sessions to support.